Payroll Processing

Payroll processing

When your operations grow and you need to employ local staff, new challenges can arise. Hiring local employees can be complicated, particularly in jurisdictions where clients are not familiar with local employment regulations. DARIS GROUP Ltd. can handle hiring, payroll and other staffing issues for you - freeing you to focus on growing your business. Maintaining and keeping employee data.

  • Monthly payroll calculation;
  • Monthly, quarterly or annual filing of statutory payroll statements and statistical reports;
  • Yearly settlement of personal income tax;
  • Preparation and distribution of pay-slips tailored to the needs of employees;
  • Realization of all payments via trustee account;
  • Representation in communication with state authorities based on power of attorney;
  • Assistance and representation during payroll audits and inspections executed by local authorities;
  • Preparation of any specific payroll reports required by the clients.